Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

We don't collect personal information

None of our apps collect and store personal information about you or anything you do. Any app where you input personal data will keep that data locally. If its sensitive information, it'll be encrypted. Where data needs to be shared with other apps, we will explicitly ask for your permission before any data is shared.

We collect app analytics

Our apps may transmit anonymised (at a device level) information about usage. This information is aggregated and cannot be used to trace a particular user.

Business Customer?

we collect no information from line of business apps - not even analytics. Our apps will not have the capability do so.


If you believe our apps have been compromised or you have a query about our privacy policy, please contact our privacy hotline -

Privacy Act 1993

Appavate is based in New Zealand and consistently ensures it operates in a compliant manner as per the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993.